The GOYGB (Greek Orthodox Youth of Great Britain) Summer Camp has been running since 1992, with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira. For ten days, we live as a community, benefiting from plenty of fresh air, communal meals, prayer, lessons, activities, exercise, games, discussions, campfires, singing, and fellowship amongst the participants.

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GOYGB Camp Secretary,

19 Whycliffe Road,

London, SW11 5QR,

United Kingdom.

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Thursday 23 July to Saturday 1 August.

We are looking forward to receiving all new campers and those who are returning. Some seniors from previous years have kindly decided to participate as volunteers and helpers and we pray that they are blessed with good strength to be examples for our young children.


While camping is of its nature informal, Christian modesty should be your guiding principle when packing. Campers will not be allowed inappropriate clothing; this includes: open back tops, low-cut fronts, skin tight clothing, half shirts, hot pants, low cut waistlines and clothing bearing inappropriate logos, sayings or advertising. We ask that all attire be a sign of respect for one’s own self and everyone else in the camp.


Because of the outdoor setting with uneven terrain, tree roots etc, high heels are not safe and should not be packed and worn at camp. Athletic shoes must be worn during sports activities.

Rain is a frequent occurrence but the program must continue in spite of light rain. There is always a heavy dew on the ground in the mornings regardless of the weather, so proper rain gear and wellington boots are a must. If your child does not bring suitable footwear they may spend the whole of camp with wet feet.

Dress for daily church services is casual but covered shoulders are required. For Divine Liturgies, boys are encouraged to wear a collared shirt and smart trousers, and girls are encouraged to wear a long dress or skirt and top.


We do not recommend bringing expensive or brand named clothing or other expensive items to camp. Each article of clothing and all gear must be clearly labelled for identification. Please write name or initials on all articles of clothing and belongings. Tent space is limited so each participant should bring no more than two pieces of luggage: one suitcase/duffle bag and one hand luggage size small bag or backpack. All items left behind will be given to local charities.



  • Changes of clothing for 10 days. All items should be labelled with indelible ink or iron-on tags.

  • Smart clothes for Divine Liturgies

  • Long sleeve tops

  • Wellington boots

  • Shoes suitable for sports activities (trainers) and walking boots

  • Swimsuit

  • Warm jacket and jumper

  • Waterproof raincoat and trousers

  • Warm sleeping bag, pillow and blanket

  • Sun protection cream and sun hat

  • Laundry Bag and spare plastic bag for wet clothes to be separated from dry if unable to wash/dry immediately

  • Torch

  • Two Towels

  • Toiletries (as required)

  • Water bottle

  • Optional: camera (marked with name), travel games (non electric), cards, insect repellent, stationary, reading book, a small icon of the child's saint or icon of his/her choice, musical instrument.

Leave These Items At Home… (Any of these will be confiscated on arrival)

  • Food

  • All electronics (MP3 Players, iPods, iPads, mobile phones, electronic games etc)


Strictly forbidden on camp:

  • All alcohol and tobacco products

  • Immodest apparel

  • Dangerous implements i.e. knives, fireworks etc

  • Any illegal substances (participants found with any will be sent home immediately)