The GOYGB (Greek Orthodox Youth of Great Britain) Summer Camp has been running since 1992, with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira. For ten days, we live as a community, benefiting from plenty of fresh air, communal meals, prayer, lessons, activities, exercise, games, discussions, campfires, singing, and fellowship amongst the participants.

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GOYGB Camp Secretary,

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London, SW11 5QR,

United Kingdom.

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Camp participants spend the duration of the camp in tents, in groups of no more than 6 people. Participants are grouped according to age and gender (Juniors are aged 9-11, Intermediates are aged 12-14 and Seniors are aged 15-17). One of the best aspects of the camp experience is learning to adjust to group living, making new friends, and getting along as part of a team.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are eaten together in the main marquee with a leader at each table. Packed lunches are taken off-site during excursions.


As an Orthodox Christian camp, we adhere to the tenets of the Faith and therefore follow the fast on the prescribed days. Our fasting practice at camp is to refrain from meat on fasting days. While we recognise that families follow different fasting practices, here at GOYGB Camp we feel this is a reasonable expectation of all participants and staff to aid us in spiritual growth. We encourage parents to speak with children about fasting while they are at camp.


Life at camp takes full advantage of our outdoor setting. In previous years we have had activities such as sports, archery, swimming, canoeing, country walks, off-site overnight camp-outs for Seniors, treasure hunts, creative workshops and more.


All camp participants are expected to act in ways appropriate to an Orthodox Christian setting. While all disciplinary action will be taken to attempt resolution on site, the Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss campers for gross violations of camp rules. Parents will be responsible for arranging and covering costs for their child’s early departure.


1. No swearing, bullying or fighting.

2. Everybody attends prayer times.

3. Be punctual.

4. Respect all members of GOYGB.

When offsite, be a good example of GOYGB and listen carefully to your leaders…and remember to have fun!


We are always trying to improve our relationship with the local community that host us and children can help with this by acting in a way appropriate to the countryside to preserve the tranquil setting. This includes being friendly to locals, leaving field gates as found (so that livestock does not escape) and taking litter to the bins provided on the campsite.



Last but not least, one of the major adjustment camp participants experience is being independent from their parents, with typically no contact during the camping session. This can be one of the most positive experiences they can have at camp and one that can be invaluable in the process of growing up. Be aware that as a parent you may need to prepare for this as much as - if not more than - your child.


  • Wake-up

  • Morning Exercise and wash

  • Morning prayers

  • Breakfast

  • Duties and Tent Tidy

  • Lessons/Morning activities

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon Activities

  • Dinner

  • Evening Entertainment / Camp Fires

  • Evening Prayers

  • Night time activity

  • Bedtime